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What is Storm Water?  The water that flows over our streets and into our storm drains from rainstorms, garden hoses, sprinklers or other water sources is called STORM WATER.  This water NEVER goes to a wastewater treatment plant to be cleaned.  It flows directly into our local waterways, carrying with it pollutants such as used motor oil, antifreeze, paints, fertilizers, pet waste, water from washing our cars, and pesticides.                                   



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Important Numbers

  • To Reach Your Local Storm Water Management Program

  • To Report Illegal Dumping into Storm Drains


SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY    (866) 755-4955
After hours or weekends (209) 468-4401



LATHROP   (209) 941-7430

After hours or weekends (209) 992-0028

RIPON   (209) 599-2108
After hours or weekends (209) 599-2102

LODI   (209) 368-5735

TRACY   (209) 831-4420
After hours or weekends (209) 831-4550


MANTECA   (209) 239-8460
After hours or weekends (209) 239-8410

STOCKTON   (209) 937-8791
After hours or weekends (209) 937-8341



  • To Learn How to Properly Dispose of Household Hazardous Wastes

                    HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE (209) 468-3066 or toll free 1-800-449-4840 or 1-800-CLEAN UP



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Phase 1 Storm Water Management Plan                                   Phase II Storm Water Management Program



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 Boat Launch Facilities              Recreational Facilities              Pump-Outs
Source: Delta Protection Commsion Recreation Atlas, 1997, Retrived from URL,


PO Box 1810 / 1810 East Hazelton Avenue, Stockton, California 95201    |    Phone  (209)  468 - 3055

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The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program is a Program of the

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