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Construction Activities


Construction Program


The purpose of the Construction Program is to effectively reduce pollutants in runoff from construction sites during all phases.  Objectives of the Construction Program consist of the following:



  • Construction SiteReview construction plans and issuing permit consistent with County requirements.
  • Require Best Management Practices (BMPs) to control sediment and pollutants from construction sites.
  • Inspect construction sites to ensure proper BMP implementation and compliance with County requirements and all applicable Permit conditions.
  • Bring forth enforcement actions for sites in violation of County requirements and advise the Regional Water Board of apparent violations of the General Construction Permit requirements.

  • Provide outreach to the construction community such as developers and contractors.
State General Construction Permit Requirements

The State General Construction Permit requires all dischargers where construction activity disturbs one acre or more or are part of a larger development to file Project Registration Documents (PRD's) which includes:


  • Notice of Intent (NOI)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Site Map
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Annual Fee
  • Certification



It is the responsibility of the landowner to obtain coverage under the State General Construction Permit prior to starting construction activities and the landowner must submit the Waste Discharge Identification Number (WDIN) to the County before getting a release. For more information visit the State Water Resources Control Board Construction Storm Water Program by clicking the link below.
Construction Stormwater Program

For a model SWPPP visit the California Storm Water Quality Associate (CASQA) website by clicking on the link below.

NPDES Phase 1 Area

Projects that are in the NPDES Phase 1 area and fall under the priority project designation will also be subject to the 2009 SWQCCP.  The 2009 SWQCCP outlines Low Impact Development strategies that are required.  For more information click on the LID link at the top of the page.

All construction sites less than one acre and in Phase 1 Area must comply with San Joaquin County’s Small Site SWPPP, to view the Small Site SWPPP click on the link below.
San Joaquin County Small Site SWPPP

Inspections & BMP Implementation

Storm Water inspectors refer to SWPPPs and improvement/building plans to ensure that appropriate BMPs are being put into place and maintained.  All construction sites greater than or equal to one acre, at minimum, are inspected twice per month during the wet season and one time during the dry season to verify compliance with the County's Ordinances and applicable standards.  To assist with a successful inspection the County's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program Construction Inspection Report form can be viewed by clicking on the link below.
Construction Inspection Form

Inspections are conducted until a notice of termination for coverage under the State General Construction Permit is issued by the Regional Water Board.


Inspections are performed to assess compliance with County storm water ordinances.  The County has a progressive enforcement and referral policy to ensure enforcement actions match the severity of violations and include distinct, progressive steps.  Noncompliance may include failure to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs), or other violation of County ordinances.  To view the County's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program Construction Investigation-Enforcement Management Policy click the link below.
Construction Investigation-Enforcement Management Policy



Construction SiteBest Management Practices

Construction Pollution Prevention Tips

Caltrans BMP Fact Sheets

CASQA Handbooks
EPA Pollution Prevention




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