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Public Outreach

The outreach program is dedicated to educating the public on the harmful impacts of urban storm water runoff on local streams and the San Joaquin Delta while encouraging positive behaviors to reduce contamination of these waterways.  Runoff is any water source that finds its way into a storm drain and eventually ends up in our local streams or the Delta.  It comes from many sources that include rain, sprinkler systems, and car washes and can carry many contaminants picked up on urban streets.  Contaminants vary from animal waste, eroded soil and leaves, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins.

what gets left on or near the street can wash down the storm drain and into your local streams or the Delta. We can all do our part in reducing storm water pollution.


Program Services

Storm Water Hotline
The County has established a 24- hour hotline (866) 755-4955 to report illegal dumping or illicit discharges into the storm drain system.  All calls are taken anonymously unless otherwise advised.

School Outreach
After school and day camp activities:

Presentation: a 15 minute video or 30 minute oral presentation on the importance of water, water uses, the water cycle, and storm water.

Water Relay: 30-45 minutes of interactive games involving vocabulary and recycling

Water community activities: Stream Cleanups, Storm Drain Stenciling. Contact outreach staff to schedule a presentation (209) 468-3055.

Business Outreach

Presentation on appropriate Best Management Practices (BMP) selection and application are offered.  Industry specific fact sheets are also available during commercial inspections or can be picked up by visiting the Public Works customer service counter.  

For  trainings on the General Construction Permit Industrial and Construction businesses may check out the GOT SWPPP Workshop.

Click Here to Visit GOT SWPPP

The County is a participant of the Green Team of San Joaquin, a program to help businesses and organizations go green.
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Community Events Calendar
  • San Joaquin County's Coastal Cleanup: September 21, 2019



Other Programs

                         Our Water Our World Program
           Master Gardeners Program, UC Extension

Fun & Educational Sites for Kids

Aqua SmartExploring the EnvironmentEarth 911 Kids
Lodi's Storm Drain DetectivesLive From Earth and MarsUS EPA - Environmental Kids Club
US EPA - Nonpoint Source Kids PageUSGS - Water Science for Schools


PO Box 1810 / 1810 East Hazelton Avenue, Stockton, California 95201    |    Phone  (209)  468 - 3055

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